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The Wealthy Developer #2 - The ability to exchange

Welcome to the second issue of the Wealthy Developer.
A weekly newsletter, full of tips and actionable tricks on how to build wealth as a freelance developer!
Today we’re going to unravel how The Wealthy Developer went from 60 subscribers to 1100+, in one week, without spending a dollar.

60 to 1k+ newsletter subscribers in 7 days.
Give before you ask, everything rotates around this concept.
One month ago I started collecting the most common questions I was receiving on Twitter about freelancing and whatnot. I then gathered all the answers together and released a 69-page book for free.
Am I crazy?
The book did 1000+ downloads in the first 3 days, I tweeted about it.
People started calling me crazy:
“You could have priced the book $1, making $1k+ out of it!”.
1000+ people decided to download The Customer Funnel, not because it’s a masterpiece, but because it was free.
Let’s be clear:The Customer Funnel is a good guide to kickstart your freelance journey and contains an awful lot of knowledge, but it’s not the type of book that does 1k sales in 36hrs.
Pricing this book at $1 would have resulted in a drop of the downloads by almost 80% leaving me with 200 amazing customers, and $200 in my wallet.
Now, do you think $200 is worth something that took me a week to be finished?
Not at all. Do you know what’s worth though?
1.1k subscribers and 1.4k people that can now enjoy some free knowledge.
Giving your audience a free product is the best long-term investment you can make. This will give you the ability to exchange, and exchange is the most powerful coin for someone that wants to build her/his wealth online.
I’ve exchanged my knowledge about freelancing for a customer, a subscriber, a friend.
You are probably reading this email because you’ve downloaded The Customer Funnel and can now enjoy it, and all its future updates and add-ons, completely for free, forever.
Of course, I wanted to get the most out of The Customer Funnel, and even if releasing things for free is cool, I wanted to maximize my ROI (Return Of Investment).
How to Monetize and Growth Hack Your Free Product
I’ve decided to introduce 2 things:
  • Affiliate links to books I personally love.
  • Free consulting for a Tweet.
Let’s see the How.
Free Consulting for a Tweet
This is briefly the same thing as giving the entire book for free to gain a friend. Here, I’m offering one hour/week for free, in exchange for a tweet about the book.
I don’t have 1000hrs per week, so I’ve decided to transform it into a sort of weekly, passive, giveaway.
Affiliate Links
In The Customer Funnel, I’ve inserted relevant sections with books I personally find interesting and valuable.
After buying them, and reading them fully I’ve just cold messaged the writers to see if there was any possibility of collaboration.
Turns out writers and creators are the best kinds of persons when it comes to business and knowledge sharing.
Now when someone thinks a book might come in handy, he/she just needs to click, and it will be a win-win for both of us.
In this issue of The Wealthy Developer, I walked you through the main principles that moved my decisions towards the creations and the launch of The Customer Funnel, bringing some cool results:
  • $150+ sales.
  • 1200+ downloads.
  • 1000+ subscribers.
  • 2k + Twitter friends.
  • Give before you ask.
  • Unlock the ability to exchange, through a product or a skill.
  • Nurture your customers.
  • Long-term investments first.
Book of The Week
Every week I will share with you one amazing book, about business, personal development, or communication. You can find the books of the previous weeks, in my reading list.
Cold Email That Works by Mustafa Khundmiri
Cold Email That Works by Mustafa Khundmiri
This week I want to share with you: Cold Email That Works, by Mustafa Khundmiri.
When I was struggling to find a way to contact creators and create a connection, this book helped me break the ice, getting results I wouldn’t expect.
The methods inside this book, helped Mustafa building a successful online business, maximizing his emails conversions and response rates while creating long term relations
If you are a freelancer looking for direct clients that respect your work, this is for you.
You’ll learn how to:
  • Reach out to the right people.
  • Write emails that convert 8-10% of prospects into clients.
  • Send follow-up emails that actually get a response.
Want to know more? Visit the Gumroad page.
Tweets of The Week
Every week I will share with you the best tweets coming straight from the Twitter Tech community.
Vitto 🥑
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And why should you care

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