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The Wealthy Developer #2 - Make money as a backend developer

Hey there! Welcome to the third issue of the Wealthy Developer!
A weekly newsletter, full of tips and actionable tricks on how to build wealth as a freelance developer!
Is that all?
Definitely not!
Learn how the blockchain works, how to kickstart your web3.0 career, and read the best Tweets of the week, directly from Tech Twitter!

Zero to Hero: backend developer roadmap 2021
You don’t need to spend $10k on a Bootcamp to become a backend developer in 2021.
Whether you need to learn: Node, Express, SQL, NoSQL, REST, JSON, APIs, or the latest fancy technologies, you can do it for free, leveraging the power of the internet.
I’ve personally gathered, watched, tested, and reviewed thousands of resources, to come up with the only:
Course Of The Week
This week is not a book, but a fully-fledged WordPress course made by the amazing WP developer Nat Miletic.
42% of the web uses WordPress. It’s the most popular CMS ever. 
If you’re not learning to build WP sites, you’re missing the largest market of customers waiting to pay you to launch and maintain websites. 
This course will teach you how to tap into this huge market;
Want to know more? Visit the Gumroad page.
Tweets of The Week
Every week I will share with you the best tweets coming straight from the Twitter Tech community.
Vitto 🥑
You don't need to spend $10k on a Bootcamp to become a backend developer.

Node, Express, SQL, NoSQL, E2E, REST, JSON, Web Security.

Learn everything for Free and start Monetizing!

2021 JavaScript Backend Development Roadmap + Free Resources and Projects.

A thread ↓
Jeremy Moser
10 FREE marketing resource libraries to master marketing from copywriting to SEO to advertising and more:
Vitto 🥑
What is the Blockchain?
How does it work?

But mostly, why are blockchain developers paid $140k/year on average?

A mega-thread on web3.0 and how the Blockchain might shape the future ↓
Yuri 🇰🇷
I got 25K & a job at Hashnode within 2 months in Tech Twitter!

A thread on building an audience 🧵
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