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The Wealthy Developer #1 - Kickstart your freelance business

Welcome to the first issue of the Wealthy Developer.
A weekly newsletter, full of tips and actionable tricks on how to build wealth as a freelance developer!
Today I won’t talk too much about business, and successful careers because there’s something even better, a full 70-page guide:
Learn how to start a successful freelance business: finding your first customers and retaining them using a 5 steps approach.
The Customer Funnel will walk you through the main principles of:
  • Finding your first customers.
  • How to deal with people.
  • Gain trust from your customers.
  • Price your skills.
  • Make a customer not a sale.
With countless actionable advice, and a proven method to kickstart your freelancing business.
Download the book and win a 1-hour long consulting session, every week!

Book of The Week
Every week I will share with you one amazing book, about business, personal development, or communication. You can find the books of the previous weeks, in my reading list.
by Catalin Pit
by Catalin Pit
This week I want to present you Start building your Twitter audience” by @catalinpit.
I can’t stress enough, having a good online presence and a strong network is a must if you are seeking a new role or opportunity in the tech industry, and this book by Catalin will teach you exactly that.
Whenever you are applying for a certain job, the first thing a potential customer/recruiter will do is googling for your name trying to understand if you are worth his/her money and time.
Be sure to be there, to hook your users, to not miss a shot.
Spend some effort giving the right amount of love to your social profiles and descriptions, it’s worth the time. Trust me (and Catalin of course)
With more than 300 copies sold, this eBook will let you: 
  • Start growing and get noticed by people.
  • Open new doors and opportunities.
  • Use social media to your advantage. 
  • Find clients.
  • Generate side income.
Want to know more? Visit the Gumroad page.
Tweets of The Week
Every week I will share with you the best tweets coming straight from the Twitter Tech community.
Vitto 🥑
Finding your first customers as a developer is not easy.

Not matter if you know the basics of HTML, CSS, and Javascript or you already are a 10x full-stack dev:

You need a strong method to kickstart your business..

Get your first job as a freelance developer.
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Aadit Sheth
I want to be the Michael Phelps of Twitter.

He's earned 28 medals (crushing the Olympics record).

THREAD: 7 Mental Models that made Phelps world-class.
Jeremy Moser
Copywriting tip: transformation + concrete time frame. Use both in your marketing copy.
Oliver Jumpertz
I recently posted a lot of visual JavaScript tips, explanations, and algorithm implementations. 💛

Here is a collection of them. 📖

They will definitely help developers of any skill level to learn something new.

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Vitto 🥑
No matter if you're a developer making the next unicorn, applying to a FAANG, or creating a brand:

Building an audience is the best choice you can make to escape the wheel and get noticed.

How do you create an audience on Tech Twitter?

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