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How much are web3 developers paid?

If you’re learning web3, this email is going to be a goldmine:
  • All about Web3 salaries in 2022
  • Learn what is Web3 - for real
  • Get started in Web3 with Hashnode
  • Start working at Alchemy!

Web3 Developer Salary
Web3 developers are paid up to $150k, but how’s that possible?
New week, new blog post to learn all you need to know about the Web3 Developer Salaries in 2022.
What is Web3?
As the tweet says, here’s the answer.
Get start into Web3!
Want to become a Web3 developer? You can’t miss this.
Come and join me we a panel of amazing speakers in this panel hosted by Hashnode:
- Did you set a reminder for Hashnode's Twitter Spaces?! 🎧
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Starting Your Web3 Career 💼

🎤 We're excited to have with us:
✨ @Haezurath
✨ @snoopies_eth
✨ @haardikkk
✨ @Crypto__Jesus_
✨ @VittoStack

🎙 Host: @pokecoder

Reminder 👇
Work at Alchemy!
If you haven’t heard of Alchemy, it is the leading web3 developer platform, powering basically every large enterprise company in the Blockchain ecosystem like Opensea, Aave, Yearn Finance - 75% of the top 100 DApps, and every major NFT Marketplace.
And is hiring! For real, a ton of roles:
  • Community managers
  • Developer Relations
  • Design
  • Engineers
  • Front-end developers
And I also work here, so it’d be great to have you on board.
That was it for this week!
More value is on it’s way,
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